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Written by Greg Stallworth

They had it all. But all that glitters, isn’t gold in this relationship. Michelle and Richard Davis were childhood sweethearts who went on to a modest fortune of material wealth and prestige but, nothing could insulate them from the ugly truth lurking behind closed doors…Themselves. Highlighting the red flags of the early stages of abuse, this forty minute, one-act drama hits too close to home, (for so many of us), revealing that domestic violence between intimate partners can happen anywhere, at any time and, to anyone.

Trapped is continuously requested by corporate event organizers, community leaders, churches and correctional facilities alike. WE ALL KNOW, Domestic Violence has no boundaries! It does not respect race, culture, geography, financial or social status. Partnering with your professional, local health and safety organizations, social service agencies and support groups helps to spread awareness and that’s why we are excited about bringing our presentation to you.

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