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        Accepting the lesson like a permanent tattoo, he decided while a positive return on all financial investments is important, ‘money would never be more important than my message’. Upon returning to Cincinnati, he launched, The Plaster Surgeon, a small, independently owned and operated drywall and plaster company that’s been growing ever since. Being a small business owner allows him to continue to tour his shows and more importantly, it gives him a flexible schedule, allowing him to be this new aged ‘soccer dad’. Rather it be ballet, improv class, karate or girl scouts, he takes pride in being the overzealous dad who’s always cheering, clapping and whistling uncontrollably in the audience.

When asked why these activities seem to mean more to him than to his daughter he remarks, “I didn’t meet my dad until I was thirteen years old and even then, we didn’t spend much time together. I have no memories of him teaching me to tie my shoes, toss a football, ride a bike or any of those things. I guess it’s like making up for memories I don’t have. Before he passed away, the greatest thing he gave me was the absolute assurance that he loved me and that he was proud of me. If nothing else, I want to make sure my daughter has that same knowing as she grows up.”

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