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Black History

These days, what I appreciate about Jesse Stenson Jr are the moments when he took time to explain his appreciation for music to me.


Not just sharing his favorite compositions, but also why. Background on the artist, the group, and other artist who played the same or similar instruments. Why does it mean do much today?


Because it's a template for creating meaningful memories with CaDira.


Dome days, I wake her up with Grover Washington Jr. We get dressed dancing to Santana and drive to school with Stevie Wonder. We laugh, we improv, beatbox and harmonize. (Ok, at least she does).


I jokingly insist she knows nothing about 'real' music. Then later in the week, I hear her in her room humming, 'Just the two of us', to her stuffed animals.


So, years ago, the time spent riding around in the back seat of his two door, two tone, Lincoln Continental Mark IV, I thought we were hanging out and he thought he was keeping me out of trouble. The reality is, he was creating his legacy.


Jesse Stenson Jr., You are Black History!


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