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Spin A Planet 

Pandemic got you down?


No more complaining, only Co-Plotting! Find, search, and seek out like-minded creators who, might I say, 'welcome' the risk of being labeled instigators, rabble-rousers, squeaky wheels and/or apple cart up setters.


The real concern? Their deepest fear? You Are A Change Agent and certain 'things' are in place to keep the wool pulled over your eyes by convincing you that you are not as powerful as God Himself has made you.


Fuck that!


My fellow front liners, rule breakers, teachers, dreamers, artists and everybody on or near the 'spectrum', I challenge you to live out the fullness of your potential! Where do you start? Where do I start? Where do we start?


Imagine this: Spin A Planet. Spin a planet. Spin a m.f. planet! That's how much influence you've been given. And if that seems too lofty, help another soul launch a good dream aimed at bettering humanity. That's our task.


Leave this place a tad bit better than when we first noticed that We Are Important! That's my goal! In the meantime, I'm going to dance and loudly sing a duet with my 9-year-old daughter in the kitchen as we prepare brunch.


Every day you wake and rise, a power greater than you are serenading you. Telling you how remarkable you are. We need to do the same with our loved ones. Especially our children. Every child! After all, they are the future 'rule breakers' this world will need to keep spinning.


Love you. Now go Spin A M.F. Planet. It's in you.


And by any means necessary, find your happy song!

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